The area Lögarängen is and old landfill site which in the 60s and the beginning of the 70s was cleaned up and replaced by lawns for public use. Today, Lögastrand’s environmentally classified wood decking glistens in its silver grey apparel and the good people of Västerås have really got a piece of paradise. Here is something for everyone, families with children bath and play in the open spaces, pensioners walk along the beach promenade and youngsters play volley ball on the new courts. The area is also utilised in the winter for ice-skating, cross-country skiing, etc.

From Västerås city it is a short walk to Lögastrand, which was really freshened up in the summer of 2014. Today we see how the wood decking, which was built in 2014, has greyed and taken on a beautiful silver grey hue. The jetties were built with decking of the environmentally classified timber OrganoWood®, a Swedish developed wood which is sustainable from several perspectives. All substances contained in the timber are classified as harmless for the environment, animals and nature, it is sustainable against rot and fire and it ages beautifully in harmony with nature.

“One aspect against choosing standard impregnated timber is that we are obliged to send the demolished timber for destruction. This means a cost for both the wallet and the environment. That the timber is partly fossilized makes this slightly more difficult, but does not affect the actual construction. It is like sawing and nailing or screw driving in any old wood,” says Frida Nordlundh, architect at Västerås city, who participated in the choice of solution.

Real estate companies, schools and wood coverings in public places are just a few of the areas where interest is growing. More than ten kilometres of different sized timber was used in the project. With many projects like this, we make a substantial improvement for the environment.“OrganoWood® is a tremendous product from several perspectives and it is more fun to work with than traditional impregnated timber. The surface becomes both smooth and beautiful, which obviously is an important aspect in a project like this,” says Lotta Olsson, construction leader for the project.

Project: Lögarängen
Location: Västerås
Completed: 2014
Pictures taken: 2016