Roslags Näsby Station

The expansion of the Roslagsbanan (Roslag railway) with double tracks, on the line between Roslags Näsby and Tibble resulted in the rebuilding of the station in Roslags Näsby. Veidekke Anläggning was engaged by Stockholms Lokaltrafik to carry out the rebuilding of the Roslags Näsby Station.

In parallel with the rebuilding of the Roslags Näsby Station, a new district to the left of Roslags Näsby station was to be developed with a focus on sustainability. Here some 1400 homes are planned with varying architecture and character. The district will offer a pleasant urban environment with squares, town park, outdoor cafes and shopping. Roslags Näsby will be on the forefront when it comes to sustainable urban development – socially, economically and ecologically. The venture included Roslags Näsby Station and OrganoWood® panel was naturally chosen as the facade material.

Project: Roslags Näsby Station
Location: Täby
Completed: 2017
Pictures taken: 2018
Architects: Sweco /dcl.13 arkitekter och ingenjörer AB